drivert fondant for feeding light weak bees the freezer bags are 1 gallon
put 4 pounds of drivert into freezer bag the coffee tin is about perfect for this
add 10 oz water gently mix in the bag being carefull to remove air from bag
as you kneed the mixture the mixture volume will decrease leaving air in the bag get all this out.

a perfect candidate for fondant feeding very little honey stores and weak if i was going to feed sugar
syrup to this hive internally in winter I would only
give it half a feeder full and i would move the feeder right next to the bees
because they would likely not travel across 3 or 4 cold frames to get to it.

place the bag on the frames under the bee cluster and cut a slit in it
open the bag up some to allow entry of the bees.if you have a lot of bur comb you may need to
srcape of to make room for the fondant bag remove the bag when they are finished with it
if they still have fondant left after a week you may try opening up bag a lot more

bakers drivert can also be fed dry if you have humid conditions just keep
it toward the back of the hive so that they dont clean it out before it starts
sucking up the moisture from the air. both fondant and dry are good ways
to feed to cut down on robbing but you cant mix in your fumagilan or fumabil b for nosema controll.