I realy like this method of feeding as it is good to use anytime of the year
I am using quart jars mason jar or recycled from some other source but you can use the same idea
with gallon jars, gallon tins even recycled 1/2 gallon soda/pop plastic bottles but if you use plastic
lids you will need to drill feed holes not punch through with a a nail if you use the plastic soda
bottles you will also need just the right size hole so the soda bottles hold upside down.

start by punching 5 holes in a 1 inch circle I use an 8d nail in the top of your mason jar do this from the inside of the lid.
If you only have a smal number of bees you may just want to mix up syrup in the jar 1/2 quart or 500 ml to 1.25 pounds
of sugar, pure cane or beet sugar or simply half fill the jar and bring the volume up to full by mixing in sugar.

In order to top feed like i am doing here you will need to drill a hole through the top of you hive lid I like 1.25 inch
diameter but you may like something different depending on what size feeder you end up using.if you do not want
to drill a hole through the top of your hive lid you can by an entrance feeder like this one from dadant

I like the top feeder because if you get any robbing from a leaky bottle like the one below the robbing will be
concentrated on the top and away from the entrance the bottles also warm better in winter you can see when they are empty
and the holes give better ventilation in can always block the hole up with a little square of wood or aluminium
when not in use.

bumble bees like the leaky feeder

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