This is a little project I have running involving waterwheels,property water retention
and power production.We have fairly poor prospects here for power production from water
due to rainfall and topography so power production will be simply for experimantal purposes
to see if our simple waterwheel/generator designe will be viable in other locations
after which waterwheels will be put to real work filling rainwater storage tanks which
I believe would be a much better use for them in my local

The best hope I have for this project is in water storage and aquifer replenishment due
to the ponding of a couple of small non permanent streams and water tanks.

I intend to gang 2 to 3 waterwheels on each concrete form/causway to increase performance

I was very surprised at the amount of torque that even a small waterwheel can produce this
is less than 2 feet in diameter and at half flow I could barely stop it by hand on 5/8
shaft however it does turn very slow.

waterwheel version 2

Some specs causway width is about 3 inches total depth is 11 inches Total water drop is 1 foot in 6
At half flow generates about 3 watts (im still waiting on some good rains to fully test and tweek)
expect about 10 watts at fullpower/water flow.

small vid of working waterwheel

youtube link of working waterwheel