How Erin and I got engaged

First there was a realy long uphill walk

this is a little movie it is very

it could take 20 minutes to download

Erin was not real happy by the time we got to the base of the cliff

This is the cliff we climbed it is about 600 foot high
by the time we were at the top we had ascended 1500 feet
to an altitude of approx 8000
thats about twice the height of mount warning

This is the start of the second pitch Erin was scared but seemed to
be happy.

Erin at the top of the 3rd pitch

Together and happy at the top of the 3rd pitch

The fourth pitch Erin was realy smiling, happy and having fun
she kept finding little presents on the rock.

just click on this pic if you want to watch a little movie.

Nature calls even if you are on the side of a cliff

you will have to ask Erin what she had just finished doing

After this things got a little scary the wind got much stronger
and we had gained a lot of altitude so i stopped taking a lot of
photos i only have a few more left erin refused to stop for any more

If you are a rock climber you can become very affectionate
to solid rocks
here Erin cuddles a good specimin
poor Erin was scared shitless at this point
but she bravely calmed down and climbed the final 2 pitches
but she would not let me tie of the belay to get any
more pictures and she climbed so quick on the final
pitch when she could see the top that I could barely
keep up on belay even had other climbers coment on how
fast she was
you will have to talk to her about the last pitch she tells
it so much better than me

When we were at the top i got down on my knees and asked her
to marry me and to my surprise she didn't say bugger of and throw the
ring over the cliff.

After a little more easy upward walking we got to the place
where we could abseil down Erin likes to abseil

Erin was not impressed at what I called a trail and had
me get this photo to show people what i considered a "trail".